Only one registration account per household please, as the fee is per household based rather than per person.  This means only one name and email address will be automatically linked to your membership profile/account and thus considered the primary contact.

Space in the registration/profile form is provided to include information for additional adults (18+) living in the same home wishing to join.  Household members will need to share the login details of the primary contact to access the member only areas of this site.  We will accept additional email addresses during the registration process, however it will only be used as an alternate means of contact should issues arise with the primary one.

Note: New Membership fee includes a set-up cost of $10.  Subsequent renewals are only $20.

IMPORTANT: The $20 renewal is only applicable for consecutive years.  If your plan lapses the set-up fee will re-apply.

Renewals should be completed while logged into your user profile.

CAD 30.00 for 1 calendar  year starting 1 October, then CAD 20.00 per calendar  year starting 1 October The first period will be 1 October 2017 - 30 September 2018.
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