Peel Region News

Fire hydrant cleared of snow

Fire and emergency services need quick access to water and it's vital to keep hydrants clear all year round.  If you have a fire hydrant on your property that has been obstructed by the recent snowstorm, please clear it as soon as possible. We will all be safer if firefighters can easily see the hydrant. If you need help clearing snow from your fire hydrant, call 905-791-7800.

In addition, to keep the hydrant clear year-round, please do not park within 3 meters from it and keep 1 meter between the hydrant and other items on your property such as trees and shrubs.

Following is information you might have seen in your mail.   In case you missed it, here it is.   This relates to upcoming construction along the Lakeshore West Corridor just south of our community.

By now you would have noticed the disruption in this week's waste collection, due to the short-lived labour dispute with one of the city's contractors and their employees . Thankfully today (December 9th) the issue has been resolved and waste collection is set to resume again starting Monday December 13th.

Next Monday is also the last opportunity to have yard waste picked up for the year, giving you more weekend to rake those leaves!

For more info, please visit the REGION OF PEEL WEBSITE

Cart Size Exchanges

Residents wishing to exchange the size of their garbage carts will be able to do so starting on April 1st. There is no cost to exchange your carts during the month of April. After that, a $25 exchange fee per cart will apply.