If you've walked in our neighbourhood park or walkways, you no doubt noticed paint peeling from our beautiful pergolas.   Over the years, the LPWRA has been working with the City of Mississauga to have these repainted.  In spite of our repeated efforts to have them re-painted they continue to peel.   We wanted to assure you that we have been communicating with city staff on getting them cleaned up and wanted to provide you with an update.


City staff determined that since the pergolas are made of galvanized metal, they did not allow the paint to adhere well.  The city is currently investigating on how to best deal with the pergolas going forward.  They will contact us with their plan and we will keep you informed.

UPDATE (July 31, 2017):  The city has secured a contractor to complete painting on all the pergolas in the park and walkways in Watercolours.     Work is tentatively scheduled to begin mid-August.

UPDATE #2 (September 3, 2017):  We are happy report that the repair work that involves stripping and repainting the metal rafters commenced last week and is expected to be done in one weeks time (weather permitting).


The Lorne Park Watercolours Residents’ Association was established in 2005. The objective of the LPWRA, a not-for-profit association is to:
Promote the beauty, safety and security of the Lorne Park Watercolours community
Improve the quality of life in Watercolours for its residents.
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