News and Updates!

The City is conducting a review of the Fireworks By-law 0293-2001 and is seeking public input on potential changes.   For more information and to complete the survey, please visit:

Ledcor Construction Ltd. will be working in our neighbourhood on behalf of Bell Canada to add Fibre Optics to the existing infrastructure.    Every home in the neighbourhood will have access to its own fibre line.   You have no obligation to switch services or use the line.

The construction will be taking place between the hours of 8:00 am - 6:00 pm for the next few months.   Restoration will be completed with topsoil and sod until construction is completed.

To complete the upgrade, technicians and construction workers will need access to the exterior of your property.   The work will be completed at no cost to homeowners and you don't need to be home while the work is happening.

There is no requirement to sign up for this work or any devices.  This work is to ensure your property is ready for fibre now or in the future.

To provide consent to the upgrade of your home with Fibre Optics:

  1. Fill out the form at OR
  2. Call Bell at 1-844-294-3177 OR
  3. Call Ledcor Rep, Ali at 647-389-5468

Please direct any questions or concerns to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 1-877-859-1155


[12-22-22]   The Palette Park Ice Rink is being prepped for the season. The current climate provides ideal conditions for flooding.   Please do not walk or ride on the ice rink area to avoid damaging the liner and forming ice.


Mississauga Road at the QEW will be closed to traffic from Friday, November 25th at 9:00 pm to Saturday, November 26th at 8:00 am to partially demolish the existing QEW overpass at Mississauga Road.   (Mississauga Road from QEW Westbound Off-Ramp to South Sheridan Way)

For specific details affecting  traffic visit:  MISSISSAUGA ROAD TRAFFIC IMPACTS  and/or QEW TRAFFIC IMPACTS




UPDATE:  This year 4678 lbs of food and toiletries were donated to The Compass Food Bank.  Thanks to your generosity we surpassed the last year's record!  

[04-16-2022]   The last of the work needed for the ice rink was wrapped last week with the folding and removal of our huge liner. We'd like to express our thanks to Brea Maddeaux and her team of volunteers who worked tirelessly over the winter maintaining the ice rink for our neighbourhood to enjoy.

A special thanks to our local MPP, Rudy Cuzzetto for helping us find a safe & secure place to store our liner so we can use it for years to come!

[03-15-2022]   The Palette Park Ice Rink is now closed for the season. Please do not walk or ride on the ice rink area to avoid damaging the liner. As the snow and ice continue to thaw, our volunteers will be rolling up the massive liner to be used for next year and beyond.

The city is expected to dismantle the boards and take away the hut in the coming weeks.

[02-25-2022]  The west end of the ice rink has been marked off with caution tape.  Please do not skate on this bumpy patch for safety and to avoid damaging the exposed liner.

[02-22-2022]  Fluctuating temperatures have made a slushy mess of our ice rink. 😩  To give our volunteers time to get it back into shape, no skating or swimming, please.

[02-13-2022] Ice Rink Reopens: The recent cold spell and rain helped our volunteers get the ice rink in great shape for skating! We hope you have an opportunity to enjoy it!

[02-08-2022] The milder temperature means it's time to close the ice rink again for maintenance. We will let you know when it's open again!

[01-31-2022] The Palette Park Ice Rink will be closed on February 1st & 2nd for maintenance. Please refrain from using it so our volunteers can work on it.

[01-25-2022] It looks like the ice rink has been getting good use since opening last week!   For everyone's safety and to make sure the rink remains is good condition please consider following these recommendations:

Fire hydrant cleared of snow

Fire and emergency services need quick access to water and it's vital to keep hydrants clear all year round.  If you have a fire hydrant on your property that has been obstructed by the recent snowstorm, please clear it as soon as possible. We will all be safer if firefighters can easily see the hydrant. If you need help clearing snow from your fire hydrant, call 905-791-7800.

In addition, to keep the hydrant clear year-round, please do not park within 3 meters from it and keep 1 meter between the hydrant and other items on your property such as trees and shrubs.

[01-18-2022] We're not about to let a little snow slow us down! Thanks to loads of volunteers from ages 8 and up, the ice-rink was cleared in about 2 hours! The was the good news. The great news is the rink is ready to use! Please review the posted recommendations for a safe and enjoyable time on the ice!

[01-15-2022] A couple of days of milder temperature earlier this week exposed the damaged liner draining the water.   Luckily the recent drop in temperature gave the volunteers an opportunity to bounce back!  The rink is still not quite ready.  Thanks for your patience and for continuing to stay off the ice.    Also, the walkways around the rink are slippery, so please be careful!

[01-11-2022] Sadly,  someone decided to use our unfinished ice rink, tearing our newly purchased liner and delaying the efforts of our volunteers to flood the rink for all of us to enjoy.  Please DO NOT USE the ice rink until the work is completed. We'll let you know when the rink is ready.

Thanks to city staff and Lorne Park Watercolours volunteers, our ice rink is back again this year!   Although we had a bit of a rocky start, namely the rink size and the challenge of having a catch basin right in the middle of the rink area, we are just about ready to get going with it!    The association agreed to purchase a liner, ao we are hoping to have better success than last year!

Following is information you might have seen in your mail.   In case you missed it, here it is.   This relates to upcoming construction along the Lakeshore West Corridor just south of our community.

By now you would have noticed the disruption in this week's waste collection, due to the short-lived labour dispute with one of the city's contractors and their employees . Thankfully today (December 9th) the issue has been resolved and waste collection is set to resume again starting Monday December 13th.

Next Monday is also the last opportunity to have yard waste picked up for the year, giving you more weekend to rake those leaves!

For more info, please visit the REGION OF PEEL WEBSITE