You are invited to the next event jointly organized by several South West Mississauga Associations, collectively named South West Mississauga Ratepayers Associations (SWMRA).  Federal candidates for Mississauga Lakeshore will be invited to participate in a debate.  We will let you know who will attend. 

The debate will provide you the opportunity to listen to answers to questions by moderators and members of the audience.

THURSDAY OCTOBER 10, 2019 |  7:00 PM

Clarkson Secondary School - 2524 Bromsgrove Road, Mississauga

Doors open 6:30 pm  |  Limited seating 

Candidates attending debate:

  • Conservatives - Stella Ambler
  • NDP -  Adam Laughton
  • Liberal - Sven Spengemann
  • Green Party of Canada - Cynthia Trentelman
  • People‚Äôs Party of Canada - Eugen Vizitiu