Our ice rink is back this year, thanks to volunteers in the neighbourhood taking on the initiative to build and maintain it for our community.  As many of you know anyone tasked with creating an ice rink, particularly one this size, are at the mercy of the weather and cooperation from our community.  We have been informed by the Ice Rink Making Team, that recent flooding efforts were disrupted after it was walked all over early Saturday morning.   This has resulted in a delay in having the rink ready for all the community to use and enjoy.  Ice skating will be a welcome treat, especially with what we've endured these last several months!

Please stay off the ice rink until it is safe and ready to use. We will inform you through our social media channels and website.

Please let you fellow neighbours know to stay off the ice rink while it's being prepared.   If you see anyone traversing the ice rink while it's still being prepared, consider letting them know that it's not safe and damage will only delay its readiness.

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