Ice Rink Updates

Ice Rink Guidelines

[01-25-2022] It looks like the ice rink has been getting good use since opening last week!   For everyone's safety and to make sure the rink remains is good condition please consider following these recommendations:

  • Do not step on the white plastic with skates to avoid damaging the liner.
  • Please be aware of rough spots and broken ice
  • Please wear helmets
  • Follow social distancing guidelines
  • Remove hockey net after you are done using it.
  • Have fun!
Ice Rink Opens!

[01-18-2022] We're not about to let a little snow slow us down! Thanks to loads of volunteers from ages 8 and up, the ice-rink was cleared in about 2 hours! The was the good news. The great news is the rink is ready to use! Please review the posted recommendations for a safe and enjoyable time on the ice!

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